Who we are

We are a fourth generation family farm. Our passion of farming and love of good food is what helped us create our business. We work with like minded neighboring farmers to help bring the highest quality food from our farm to your table. As we go through our work day we think about our patrons by name, and it is a reminder to us of how important our work truly is.

What We Believe

Our farm is based on using sustainable agricultural practices such as:

  1. Our animals are ALWAYS treated humanely. We take care of them, and they take care of us!
  2. We use organic farming methods: Our beef & lamb are grass fed (hay in the winter). Our pasture raised chickens & hogs are fed non-GMO corn, peas, beans, alfalfa, kelp & minerals.
  3. We DO NOT use hormones, or chemicals on any of our animals.
  4. Our animals live in an environment that is clean, and free from chemicals.



What we do

We apply healthy business practices so we can develop strong relationships with customers, family, and friends who count on us for safe, clean, sustainable, and nutritious food!

Please see our shares page for details on our meat/egg shares. View our product page to order online.

We deliver orders and shares to the Minneapolis, Eagan, and Roseville areas.